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OHSUNG Worltec Clean Humidifier

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OHSUNG Worltec Clean Humidifier

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 Model Number


OHSUNG Worltec Clean Humidifier H-C383


  • Specialty reinforced plastic vibrater holder : semi-permanent, hygenic spray, easy cleaning
  • Pipe-heater with specialty heat-resisting reinforced glass : clean sterilized humidifier
  • Convenient dial method : set the spray amount, choice ultrasonic/sterlizing humidification
  • Removal water outlet : 360° rotating removal , duplex water outlet
  • Transparent huge water tank : easy to look at the inside of big water tank
  • Korean design : the design is reminiscent of Korean stone lantern
  • Duration of operating : 12hours (high level of sterilizing humidification)


  • Way to humidify : ultrasonic wave + heat
  • Wwatertnak capacity : 5.0L
  • Humidity output : 450cc/h
  • Product dimension(L x W x H) : 220mm x 220mm x 360mm
  • Packing box dimension(L x W x H) : 285mm x 275mm x 444mm
  • Operation : dial
  • Power consumption : Ultrasonic humidification 40W, sterilizing humidification 125W
  • Weight : 3.6kg (except for packing)
  • Notice for water shortage : stop spraying → turning on red light
  • Additional fuction : 2 spray openings

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